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Trane Warranty

Did you ever wonder about what happens if you have a problem with a Trane component? Luckily, every customer is automatically covered by a Trane Warranty.

The Trane Base Limited Warranty is your default warranty. While this warranty doesn’t cover labor costs, it does cover certain components for up to 5 years, with heat exchangers typically covered from 10-20 years.

While a Base Limited Warranty is helpful to have, KJ Thomas Mechanical registers your Trane components for the more comprehensiveTrane Registered Limited Warranty after you have completed payment for the installation service. This gives you an extended warranty on most components, typically 5 years to a lifetime. Registration must be completed within 60 days of installation, or else the warranty defaults to the Base Limited Warranty.In addition, KJ Thomas Mechanical covers 2 years labor all Trane XV and XC furnaces, and XL and XV air conditioners.

We will register the product for you within days of final payment. We will send you a final version of your paid invoice that includes all model (and serial when applicable) numbers as well as your Trane Limited Warranty Registration number. The warranty registration document will be sent to you via email. When you receive it, please double check it for accuracy – if you find an error, please contact us immediately.Keep your registration information in a safe place. If you ever lose track of it, you can find information about your Trane Warranty on Trane’s registration website by entering either the serial number (if applicable) or registration number.

What happens to your Trane Warranty if you sell your residence? Please note that the Base Warranty is valid even if the residence has been sold. However, Registered Limited Warranties are only valid for the original owner of the equipment unless a Limited Warranty transfer has been purchased. If you sell your home and have a Registered Limited Warranty completed August 1, 2011 or later, you can transfer your Registered Limited Warranty to the new buyer within 90 days of selling your home. You or the buyer must contact Trane within that 90 days. If the timing is such that the transfer occurs within the first 60 days after installation and registration, the seller can transfer that warranty to the buyer for $59.00 through Trane. If the warranty needs to be transferred outside of the first 60 days after installation, then a different process applies. Within 90 days of closing the sale of a residence, either the buyer or seller will provide Trane with proof (closing documents, typically) of transfer of ownership, and for $99.00 the warranty can be transferred.

Note that if HVAC service by not a licensed HVAC technician, your Trane Warranty may be voided. This is something to consider before you try to fix a furnace problem yourself. In addition, lack of documented proof of recommended preventive maintenance may also void the warranty.

You can visit the Trane websiteto learn about the different types of warranties, how to register, or how to find your registration using model and serial numbers. For detailed information about Trane warranties, click the “View Warranty Details” button.This will bring up a document that shows you the Base vs. Registered Warranty information for each Trane product. For example, under the “Furnaces” heading, you will find this information (which is current at time of writing):

S9V2, *UC1/*DC1, *UD2-V/*DD2-V, *UD2-C-V/*DD2-C-V, *UH1/*DH1;*UX1/*DX1; *UH2/*DH2; *UHM/*DHM:
Base Limited Warranty Period:
Parts – five (5) years, Heat Exchanger – twenty (20) years.
Registered Limited Warranty Period:
Parts – ten (10) years, Heat Exchanger – Lifetime

If you have questions about what your warranty covers, call Trane’s customer service center at 1-877-594-0514 for help.

Please call KJ Thomas Mechanical at 30-435-8141 or contact us online with any questions you may have about our HVAC services for commercial and residential applications. We proudly install and service Trane equipment.

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